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2nd of May 2013 meet your MOOD starts. Tessy (designer) and Carlotta (engineer), were studying at the same high school, they completely loose track of each other during all the years of University. It's only after that that they get in touch again working on a contest with a common friend and they launch meet your MOOD as a facebook page dedicated to interior design, to offers a collection of images, grouped by colors and common features, identifying a MOOD. 

16th September 2013 meet your MOOD becomes a blog. It 'a blog that mainly deals with interior design, investigating the perception of space through the understanding of feelings that each environment can stimulate. perceptions | feelings | MOOD are the keys of the project, the MOOD boards created define shapes, colors and materials. 

The 12th of February 2015 Tessy moved to London.

May 2016, meet your MOOD, after an imersive week into finnish design in Helsinki, along with five other blogs, creates WEBLOG network. A project of interaction between Italian interior design blogger in order to share stories, and provide a more comprehensive view about the subject thanks to the collaboration and participation in industry events.  

November 2016 becomes Tessy's only and its fate is still not completely clear ...Carlotta instead, choose to tread new ground.


Meet your MOOD has always been a blog that deals with the theme of the interior passing from MOOD, from an idea, a concept, translated in the image of a MOOD board.

Tessy, after Carlotta decided to split, at first wanted to leave everything behind, but short after that she realized that myM is a big part of her life, didn't really make sense to run away just because of the change. 

 "... I think about the cafeteria and its synergy power: knowing each other, talk, interact." 

 This will be the new attitude.

Now it is time for myM to adapt to Tessy's life. This is not only about interior design: it's meetings new people, getting lost into art, set design and photography, she also loves to spend her time in the cafes, where she has long blog sessions. And then also the travels, the frequent escapes around Europe... all this and more, now taking room only on her instagram profile, could be a starting point for this new start of meet your MOOD.

And then again, myM
in Italian only, but Tessy lives in London, and it's been already almost two years so far ... does it make sense to you? Perhaps it is time to try to throw down a few lines in English from time to time, it is time to take this step, and you MOODers, is request your help to correct the mistakes. [ I am taking the risk to make errors, only if you help me I can grow.]

The 7th of June 2017 Tessy moved to Portugal.

Two years in Lisbon already...

I could have never expected what this city would have been for me.
After a few months working freelance for some small independent brands and exploring Portugal I got involved into a big project with a local brand, it was my opportunity to get to know Portuguese lifestyle from closer and I didn't think it twice!
An eight months deep and challenging experience was waiting for me that made me acknowledge of a few important points:

- teamwork is the best thing I can ask for, assuming that common goals are settled and the individual roles defined
- a team is an etherogenic group of individuals each one with a unique skillset open to teach, share and improve for its own and the group advantage without negative competitivness and selfish attitude
- a great leader is the one that has a clear picture of the project, is confident with the vision and can deliver the message clearly with an inspiring attitude
- the importance of listening anyone at any level and openly discuss from ideas, to issues to find better solutions is key 
- be honest with the team and customers is indispensable according to my values and I can't commit to any project which is not ethical and ecological, where there's no real effort into try to implement the level of sustainability
- I can't accept any kind of situation in which people try to convince me that their intentions are good but results are not going in any other direction than their own profit
- photography is what makes me the happiest me
- the best thing I've ever done was understanding the importance of learning new languages, to meet and interact with people from different cultures that would have never been part of my life otherwise
- I love to offer my services and share my knowledge but I don't feel comfortable to improvise and pretend I can do something I've no experience about- I like to learn and make myself ready to play the game instead 

This and more I've been learning this last year far from the blog and social media.
I focused on the real actions and real people around me, I met and collaborated with amazing people and projects that Lisbon appear to attract like a magnet. This is the city where things can happen just because of coincidences, not CV and a perfectly polished portfolio.

The best things ever happened to me in Lisbon started with sharing a beer in miradouro de Santa Caterina or going for a house viewing... here is where openly sharing and spontaneous interactions are better than networking, where people land and choose to settle down not because they can become richer here, of course not! but because they can enrich themselves waiting for sunset over a cliff or sitting with friends in the streets sharing sardines and wine. Lisbon is the place that gave me the freedom and the right mindset to focus on my real passion, photography, and togo around the streets with my camera everyday sicnce and learn, and ask for feedback and experiment, working with real people instead of models and natural lighting instead of a studio.

Lisbon is the place that makes me hopeful for a world where each one has a place and doesn't have to fight for it. 

I started the Sustainable Stylist project because my friends wanted me to help them at first, and from them the voice spread over, organically, without pressure. Without a brand, without any social media presence.

This is my present and my wish for the future, to work and live a life of synergy and positive interactions, to learn more everyday and to support whoever needs me, no matter the budget. This is more of a life project than a than a business call.

Reach me out and let's meet over a coffee,


meet your MOOD wants to be a CONCEPT BLOG, a café somewhere in the web, where to share ideas: a space for all, to be developed together.

meet your MOOD is an appointment for a coffee, an open space where people meet to talk.

 Don't be shy.
Drop me an email !


meet your MOOD inizia [...] il 2 Maggio 2013. Carlotta (ingegnere) e Tessy (architetto), sono due amiche che si reincontrano dopo gli anni dell' Università. In questa fase meet your MOOD è una pagina facebook dedicata alla casa e al design che propone una collezione di immagini, archiviate per colore e caratteristiche comuni individuando un MOOD.

meet your MOOD il 16 di Settembre 2013 diventa un blog. E' un blog che affronta principalmente il tema dell'interior design, indagando sulla percezione dello spazio attraverso l'indagine delle sensazioni che l'ambiente può dare. Percezioni | sensazioni | MOOD sono le chiavi del progetto, declinate in forme, colori e materiali attraverso MOOD board.

Il 12 Febbraio 2015 Tessy si trasferisce a Londra.

meet your MOOD, nel Maggio 2016, dopo un'intensa settimana a base di design ad Helsinki, insieme con altri cinque blogger, da vita al collettivo WEBLOG. Un progetto di interazione tra interior design blogger italiani, allo scopo di condividere storie, e offrire una visione più completa sul tema grazie alla collaborazione e alla partecipazione ad eventi di settore.

meet your MOOD nel Novembre 2016 resta nelle mani di Tessy e le sue sorti non sono ancora del tutto chiare...
Carlotta invece, ha scelto di intraprendere nuove strade.

meet your MOOD è da sempre un blog che affronta il tema degli interni passando dal MOOD, da un'idea, un concept, tradotto nell'immagine di una MOOD board.
Tessy dopo l'annuncio del webdivorzio voleva lasciare tutto, ma poi ha capito che myM è una grossa parte della sua vita, che non basta un cambiamento di rotta per scappare.
Ora è tempo che myM si adegui alla vita #allosbaraglio di Tessy, interior design ma non solo: ci sono incontri, ci sono persone, ci sono le gallerie d'arte, il set design, il fashion e la fotografia, ci sono le caffetterie dove adora trascorrere il tempo durante le lunghe sessioni al computer. E poi le fughe in giro per l'Europa con cadenza quasi mensile, tutto questo e non solo, che ora prende spazio solo su instagram,  potrebbe essere un punto di partenza per questo nuovo inizio di meet your MOOD.

"...penso alla caffetteria e al suo potere d'interazione : conoscersi, dialogare, interagire."
Questa la nuova attitudine.

E poi ancora...

E' sempre stato un blog in italiano ma ora tenta l'inglese, per cui MOODers per cortesia sentitevi liveri di correggermi. Sbagliando s'impara, correggendo si cresce.

Dal 7 Giugno 2017 Tessy è in Portogallo.

meet your MOOD vuole essere un CONCEPT BLOG, una caffetteria dispersa nel web, dove hanno il sopravvento le intuizioni: uno spazio per tutti, da sviluppare insieme. 
meet your MOOD è un appuntamento per un caffè, uno spazio aperto, dove incontrarsi per raccontare.

Non fare il timido.
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