GRENADINE is the perfect colour for December, <br> <br>for the parties coming and the happiness of being <br>with friends and family again | meetyourMOOD

05 December 2017

GRENADINE is the perfect colour for December,

for the parties coming and the happiness of being
with friends and family again


17-1558 TPX  ||  RGB 218 65 61 ||  HEX/HTML 5C2C35


It's December again and I am so happy.

In two days I will be back home!
A month at my mums place, surrounded by old friends and so much to catch up. 2 new kids in my life, the whole Christmas preparation, decorations and so on...

I guess I've been missing this whole mood the past few years but well, work didn't allow me to have a lot of free time, but now, wow! I bought my tickets a month ago and I cannot wait any longer...

Why grenadine???

Grenadine is Nonna Leda, my grandma, from my mums side. She was all about nature: walks in the woods, picking mushrooms and chestnuts, making cakes, jam and tomatos sauce, taking care of her beautiful garden... 

She used to love pomegranades and as a kid I remember the afternoon snack at her place was always accompanied by water and grenadine cordial: a mix of sweet and bitter, I've never completely understood if I like it or not to be honest, but now well, of course I love it, it's home, it's childhood...

It's crazy how the perception of things can change related to memories, how a simple gesture can take back in time for a moment, and living in a different dimension.

I love all the little things that make this happening, I guess in a way it's what Christmas time means, create new memories with simplicity, a new chapter year after year...

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