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20 November 2017


where personality and self expression take place

 Drawing is the artist's most direct and spontaneous expression. 
A species of writing: it reveals, 
better than does painting, his true personality.
Edgar Degas


Tawny Port || Graphite Grey || Iced Coffee || Wafer Pink

Atelier with a view MOOD

Is a magic attic where drawing, thoughts and words live together

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Living room, dining room, studio

  ...everyone desiring a place able to express art, a space where everyone feels inspired. 

I create this MOOD thinking about a very nice project I want to share with you.

A few days ago Giuroiu from, contacted me about the opportunity to share their new project on this my little blog/home, and so, what is the project about?


And the importance of encouraging and promote drawing and scribbling since the early years
to enhance physical and cognitive development whilst endorsing social interaction, creativity, autonomy and confidence.
On the website, they also declare that "admiration and early support will help in forming a future great artist whilst creativity and skill should be praised and understood as a wonderful asset and an incredible method of releasing stress, expressing emotions and being free at all age".

I've always loved drawing and I remember, as a kid, I used to fulfill all the school notebooks with colourful geometrical frames... my father wasn't very happy about my spark though but well... if I open any of my notebooks and agendas now it's exactly the same, lines and signs with no apparent meaning all over the pages.. it's not planned, truth is that none can change our istinct too much, no matter how much they try ;) So please, encourage your kids and try your best to understand where their istinct is taking them, you'll just make their growth process a bit easier and pleasant. 

Back to the project: Razvan Socol is the artist behind the creation of 10 free drawing tutorial with the aim to simplify and colour the lives of the parents and the little ones alike. Drawing as a moment to share, as an opportunity to dialogue on a different level of communication. 

You can find all the coloring book with the tutorials to download free here  

a few rules to experience drawing at its best:

- proper materials
- to become the role model and influence your kids into drawing, present it as a fun creative activity     
- never allow an effort to go unnoticed. Instead always applaud intent, colors, lines and most of all, creativity      
- allow your kid to depict the story he is trying to convey    
- coloring books can exercise control but in early stages creativity and an open free mind is far more important     
- offer high quality examples later on      
- associate music with drawing to stimulate the mind     
- always offer freedom of choice: theme, color, pagination, everything involved in the creative process and it's totally personal

So well, this is an invitation to creativity, to let it go, to make mistakes, and go with the flow... maybe there's an artist in yourself you still don't know of the existence!

And most important of all
H A V E  F U N !
 e  v  e  r  y  d  a  y


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