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02 October 2017

My first UK road trip from London to Glasgow

Part 2 Worchester > Glasgow

London to Glasgow by car is quite a long trip, but if you take it as a journey can easily turn is a very good adventure!

Umberto, my brother, had to move to Glasgow.

A few years ago, when he was about moving to Lisbon for his Erasmus [which ended up being a 2 years and something abroad], he decided to take is bike, his best friend and start his adventure from Cairo Montenotte, Italy, on the two wheels towards the new destination.

So, obviously, he didn't have any intention to take a flight to move to Glasgow, he wanted a trip to remember instead. He wanted to take the time to slowly project his mind into the new conditions, and this time decided to involve us: Enrica, Enrico and me, the family.

The initial plan was : take a car in Cairo Montenotte and drive all the way up.

I would have left the Digital Nomad Farm the 1st of September to join them in Nantes.

The final plan : fly to London and rent a car there.

A random roadtrip [here], with fights booked a few days before, that turned out being more random than expected.
The first part of the journey, London to Worchester,  was quite confusing, we were in the car for 3 days at that point and Glasgow looked still very far away up north...

DAY 4 : Sunday 24th

The fourth day we woke up at Rachel's place, in a duplex house built in an old church in Lower Broadheath and for breakfast we went to the Cob House, a farm not too far with deers, lamas, and ugly fat pigs.

We had a long journey ahead up to Manchester and the roads around the area were stucked by a bike race! [we actually supposed to go to Liverpool as well because I so wanted to visit the Tate Gallery there, but soon enough we realised it would have been impossible to make it on this occasion]

In the late afternoon of a Sunday, we finally made it to Manchester, after long hours in the beautiful countryside of the central United Kingdom.

With Manchester was love at first sight and I definetly want to come back soon for a longer stay.

We managed to take a quick tour in the Manchester Art Gallery and the Whitworth, but quick is exactly what's not supposed to be!

My friend Brodie used to live there as a student and his suggestions for beers and dinner was perfect. At 5, when everything shuts down, we went in the Northern District, where all the coolest independent shops and locals are located, for a beer at The Angel. Great selection of local beers but, unfortunately on Sundays, the kitchen is closed [the menu was really interesting though!].

Luckily we had a back up plan: walking down towards Shudehill street, we found the most amazing book shop, the Paramounts Books : a family business that attracts inside for the loud and great selection of music spread in the street. Books are everywhere and by the look of it seems like someone is actually living in there. Interesting enough, they accept payments in Euros!

Dinner was awesome with a proper Sunday roast meal, 1 beef and 1 vegetarian, to share at Nicholson Pub, in the city centre.

DAY 5 : Monday 25th
YORK > Lake District

Day 5 was the first day we woke up with the weather we were expecting for our roadtrip, at the old school in Whixley where we were staying for the night, the sky was grey and the rain was falling like a tropical storm. That's probably the secret for all the beautiful gardens and fields we found on our way during the last days.

We totally loved the morning in York, not a big city but very welcoming and organised, with old buildings and tiny pedestrian streets in the Stonegate with nice shops and café. The Shambles, 
the central street, is considered one of the most picturesque streets by Google, and you can find typical restaurants and bakeries.
We decided to go at the The Fossgate Social for breakfast and Partisan for lunch, thanks to my friend Blythe suggestion. The most interesting part of this independent coffee shop is that most of the furniture and object around you are for sale!

Our journey continued to the Lake District, passing by the Windermere lake to stop just a little further at Elterwater and take a long walk in the valley. The colours were like an oil painting by Turner and so easy to take a great shot with the perfect mirror reflection of the water. I also really recommend, after the long walk, a break at the Britannia inn, for typical food sourced locally and a good sellection of beers. 

DAY 6 : Tuesday 26th

Tuesday 26th was the final day on the road to Glasgow, only one stop in Prestwick for a quick lunch at Bramley's Coffee Shop, really recommended if you like a light yet tasty meal with homemade soup, sandwich and smoothie, delish!! And the staff is very kind and friendly.

When we arrived in Glasgow, we walked straight to the University where Umberto will be spending most of his time during the next two years and, it's stunning! Surrounded by a big park, up the hill there's the old building with towers in a very Harry Potter style, with big patios and colonnades. Not cold at all yet and full of the gardens with roses and strong bright fall colours. As a first impression was great and we were glad to see many people cycling and gathering on the benches all around.

Umberto loves spending his time out door and I was upset his new hometown wouldn't have offered very much on that side, but hopefully I was wrong!

About restaurants and coffee shops I'am happy to say that there is a great variety and offer. In the area between the University and the city centre there's Finnieston, an industrial wasteland recently transformed into a vibrant neighbourhood full of cool places to spend the day, young and eclectic offers the best selection of events and artistic outlets you can find in town.

There, is where we found Alchemilla, a Mediterrainean restaurant with a modern minimal woodinterior. Food is made in the open kitchen and it's a perfect selection of tapas sized dishes with curious combinations of herbs.

DAY 6 : Wednesday 27th

The view from our last airbnb was stunning! A panoramic scenario over the Clyde Estuary, with Ben Lomond in the background.

Unfortunately, breakfast was not included, but The Project Cafe was a great place I wanted to try so we went there.

I started writing this article on Wednesday morning, not longer after, when me and Umberto we moved to the Riverhill Cafe to work on our laptops while Enrica&Enrico were exploring the city.

He was on and searching for the flat and I started puzzle back the previous 7 days in between long car trips and restaurants, bnb and walks in the woods. I took much longer to build up this guide than he did to find a place to stay! We really have to thank the nice girls working in the Café, for their tips, teas and support for the whole morning.

After that we met a friend I haven't met for longer than 8 years [ and we had to test hard our english with his accent ], we realised straight away that Scottish people are very welcoming, they are always happy to help and try to find solutions to practicle issues.

After just a 48 hours in Glasgow I had the thought that I was leaving Umberto in good hands, he will have a lot of work to do with his Phd job but also the time to hang out and meet nice people, feeling at home, that is the most important part when living abroad. He is now looking for a surf board and one of those super thick wetsuits needed up there in the North so, if any of you is willing to go on some trips around the country please let him know!

I don't have very much to share about Glasgow itself thought, I was there mainly to support brother and I am sure I will have many occasions to go back in the future [I definitely want to try The Ox and Finch restaurant [always fully booked remember!], so yes, the direct connection via Ryanair makes everything simple...

I'll see you soon Umby,
and I have to tell you that here,  since I am

there's more than 30°C 


This is my revenge from that time I was living in London and you were here sending me
pictures in flip flops in December!!!

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