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27 October 2017

NOMERA jewellery meets GARE DO ORIENTE

by Santiago Calatrava

connections actions and reactions

All starts from a spontaneous observation
Why, at some point, architects of different eras approach jewellery design?
What architecture and jewellery do have in common?

I have some personal thoughts [...] 

this journey together will take us to explore new angles of the city
through the scale of the design of little objects. 

WHAT's the link?
Let's find out!

Gare do Oriente, Parque das Naçoes, Lisbon

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Where from?           The world 
Current Location?   Lisbon 

Past Location(s)?    Hong Kong, Dubai, Beijing, London, Kuwait, Manchester 
Best Travel Ever?   This is a difficult one, but I’ll say Brazil  

What did you study?    
                               Fashion and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University 

Profession:             Fashion/Jewellery designer  

When did you first start thinking about making jewellery? 
                               I was first introduced to jewellery when I was trying to turn a struggling/negative situation into a positive one and it was fate that introduced me to jewellery.  

Who or What inspires you? 
                               Culture and travel inspire me massively. Within that, I’ll find arts, shapes, forms and lines to create a concept of urban wear/pieces.  

Favourite material?       
                               Semi-precious and precious metals, like brass, silver and copper.  

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For me it’s a structure, shape or form carefully 
designed on an epic scale

What Jewellery means to you?  

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What you need in the morning to make you happy? 
                              Shower and breakfast, I can’t start the day without either of those.  

Where do you usually work from? 
                              It varies, some days I’m sat at my bench (typical jewelers work space where jewellery is made) making and experimenting other days I’ll be sitting in one of my favourite coffee shops doing admin stuff and sometimes I’ll be running around doing errands. 

Best coffee shop in town? 
                               I have two favourites at the moment, 

The Mill - because it has great food and super friendly service and 
Hello Kristoff - because of it’s intimate cosy feeling and amazing magazine collection. 

Best Art Gallery or Garden/Park?
                               Because I’m still fairy new in Lisbon I haven’t got round to seeing all the places I want to see, but so far I think the Gulbenkian Garden is. Best ever are the Tate Modern and The V&A in London.

The perfect Sunday.
                               Spending the day with friends on the beach or road tripping to a new destination. Exploring an exhibition at an Art Gallery or attending some kind of event.

What colour is your bedroom?
                                I’m currently renting so the colour of my room is white with a chevron wooden floor. But if I had my own place I’d like to think it would have open wooden beams across the ceiling with a cosy yet clean minimalist look and feel, white walls with soft neutral colours all around. And maybe a pop colour added here and there.

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