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04 October 2017

GOLDEN LIME is the perfect colour for October

welcome Autumn !

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This month I still have the eyes full of the colours of Scotland...

The Uk countryside during or roatrip London to Glasgow was already an explosion of autumn colours: from the brightest yellow to the darkest brown, passing through the whole spectrum of greens and reds. 

 Here in Lisbon is still summertime instead, with 30-35 degrees everyday, during sunlight [always be careful, in Lisbon in the evening can be freezing, also in summer!]. I still enjoy working in the gardens around the Gulbenkian museum. It's a peaceful place, where locals go when they want to relax. It's easy to find people reading and drawing, or chatting and cuddling in the bushes. There are golden lime bamboo plants along the water canals, and ducks and fishes. 

Gulbenkian garden is a quite island in the middle of the city and, if you are lucky enough, on a Sunday you might enjoy a concert or theatre show in the museum or outside in the amphitheater.

As always, after moving to a new place, I am trying to find my routine, my places and a few good people to hang out with and explore the city and all that can offer together.

It's not easy, I have to be honest with you, especially when summer ends and days become shorter, it's common to have a bad mood sometimes, days in which everything seems to go wrong and loneliness and fear come to you stronger than anything else. That's the exact moment in which you have to take yourself out, no matter if it's for a run, a yoga session, a meet up or whatever really. The most important thing I've learned during the last nomadic years is that life can always surprise and that the only place where it can't find you is within the walls of a house or, even worst, a room.

So, if I can give a suggestion [and it's just a suggestion only because I can't give you a kick], if you are there, and you are reading, and you are sad, and not totally satisfied: brush your teeth, take yourself out, bring your best smile and meet someone, maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon enough someone nice will be crossing your path and life will look better, you'll find out that every project, discussed with someone else, become more real and that, what you consider a dream, is actually closer to reality than expected, just being active and finding the energies and the right people everything becomes possible.

There is a project I really want to recommend, it's the Solo Girl Squad:

The motto, just to give you a hint is:

"If you want to go fast, go alone 
if you want to go far, grab a squad! 
Collaborate and inspire yourself. 
Life is better with community."

They organise brunches in different locations around the world, the priority is to create connections, give the oppostunity to meet like minded people and spend a great time while doing some yoga and drinking a cocktail maybe.

Sounds good uh? 
Who knows, maybe your new best friend is going to be at the next event? 


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