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29 September 2017

My first UK road trip from London to Glasgow

Part 1 London > Worchester

 Our random roadtrip [here] turned out being more random than expected.

T H E  T E A M

Enrica > mother of the Morelli's
Enrico > the father

Umberto > brother moving to Glasgow
Me > "the backpack"

The initial plan : renting a van and drive free around the Country

The final plan : rent a car and book some spots on

>  Enrica was the one in charge of booking the Bed and Breakfast along the journey.

Let's start with some useful information:

Who is Enrica? She lives her life like the characters of the books she devours since she was 5, she jumps around with the energy and enthusiasm of a kid, with her long blond braids like an indian squaw. She loves horses and flowers and just let her walking for kilometers in the woods to make her happy.

Little side effect of her nature > She is the most unpracticle human being you can imagine !

Not too surprising, our trip, based on her last minute bookings, has been a back and forth between beautiful cottages, in the most remote villages and farms, far from each one of the cities I so wanted to visit and dramatically unfollowing a rasonate route.

Thank you Enry, I had the trip 
I would have never been able to plan myself!

So, forget about big cities, museums and cultural attractions, my road trip around Uk has been very much about unforgettable landscapes, little villages and foggy countryside.

T H E  J O U R N E Y

Starting with a less than 48 hours in London, meeting the cream of my friends for long cafè-chat-gossip-cake sessions plus a great breakfast at the MOOOI showroom in Fitzrovia where I've been so lucky to meet Edoardo and Laszlo for the presentation of the Coppelia lamps by Arihiro Miyake, my Uk MOOD came back to life like there was no Lisbon in between.

Vanilla bun and capuccino

DAY 1 : Thursday 21st  
LONDON > Windsor 

|| Umberto's birthday ||

After a morning trying to arrange all my stuff, I was waiting for the family to pick me up at Brodie's place in Hackney central. After a long research, the best place to rent a car was directly at the Stanstead Airport and, earlier than expected, at 11.30 they arrived on board of a black Peugeot 3008 gt line, super comfy and with plenty of space, the perfect road trip car [ according to the two experts: Umberto and Enrico ]!
A quick lunch in Cartsworth road at the cooper and wolf, and on board, ready for our road trip to Glasgow !

Leaving London by car has been a real mess, the navigator decided to cross through King's Cross, and we spent longer than 3 hours to head to the first location: a stunning bnb in a cottage in Windsor. [ Luckily the first stop wasn't too far cause the guys at that point were already travelling since the early morning. ]

For dinner we went to a pub in a village situated between Binfield and Warfield, the Stag and Hounds offers high quality food, fine beers and great service, my grilled goats cheese salad with quinoa, roasted beets, mulled pears & mixed leaves, aged balsamic dressing was amazing!

DAY 2 : Friday 22nd
WINDSOR > Cardiff

In the morning we crossed the bridge at the boarder of Wales, a great moment especially because the car had the openable sunroof that gave to those 5 minutes the perfect touch.


The stop in Newport, in my opinion, was nothing special [sorry !] but we had a very good selection of beers at the Potters Pub, which provided us of the right boost to carry on all the way to Cardiff ;)

In a small village ten minutes car from Cardiff is where we stayed at Sarah and Trevor's place [my favorite bnb of this trip]. Sarah welcomed us with tea and a courgette and lemon cake I will hardly forget about. We chatted about her wild garden and she gave us great tips to prune the trees at Al Giardino degli Artisti, she is an amatorial painter and the house has a warm and cosy MOOD.

CWTCH means "cuddles" in Gaelic

What I really appreciate is that at Sarah's we were feeling at home, it is a bed and breakfast in the most authentic meaning: a house where you share time with the owners, not a mere accomodation and business transaction like too often happens.

Her suggestion for our dinner in Cardiff was Anna Loka [ “ANNA” means food, health or earth, and “LOKA” means world or planet in Sanksrit, India’s ancient language]. Adam is a vegan Hare Krishna monk and the offer is an eclectic, authentic, healthy and conscious choice without compromise on quality or taste.

DAY 3 : Saturday 23rd 
CARDIFF > Manchester

On Saturday, after a great sleep and a even better English breakfast made by Sarah, we went for a walk around the city of Cardiff. 

In the park surrounding the Castle, we found a postcard completed of stamp, addressed to someone in Canada. 

It's incredible how such a tiny object can create so many emotions: we started building up a story about the person writing and the receiver, that for just a small coincidence will finally have those words in his hands, maybe. 
A postcard brings back to an old fashion sort of lifestyle. It has the value of the words accurately selected, handwritten, making sure it will be easy to read, in it there is the time dedicated to find the perfect picture, the care to post it in the box and the uncertainty about if and when it will be received... Nothing compared to the million of pictures and quick messages sent via wapp. 

Receiving a postcard is like receiving a moment. In that piece of paper there is the gift of being part of the journey, that person dedicated the time to you, only you. During every little action, you have been in his mind and he wants you to be part of it.

It made us so proud of being the one making it happen. A small connection, in a big world.
Our trip soon continued in the direction of Hereford, a small town on the way to Worchester.

Here we have been very lucky to be invited to join a party at The Left bank Village, a super cool, yet a bit hidden, venue with vintage-chic interiors, where we had the most amazing pie with mash and gravy!

In the next chapter of this story I will tell about the next stops, from Manchester to Glasgow, passing through the awesome locaiton of the Lake District.

Now I'm going for a dinner at the Time Out market here in Lisbon, it's still sunny here ...

Follow up!


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