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01 September 2017

SHADED SPRUCE is the perfect colour for September

and I am ready to move to Lisbon

It's not blue, it's not green, SHADED SPRUCE is a dark shade of teal

... and it's one of my favourite colours. It's deeply intense and with a strong personality but still, has the ability to perfectly match with many different colours and shades line a neutral tone.

Shades spruce is the colour of the deep waters, of the thick forests of Canada, it's the shade where you can abandon your thoughts to freedom, without shutting the eyes.

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And finally, here we are again in September, how many things have changed since last year? I cannot even count them...

But the biggest one is Portugal, my new life in this new Country. I have to admit that when I moved from London I thought it would have been only for summer, that obviously I will have come back to my favourite city in Europe after summer, and now? Well, after a month in Lisbon, August in this amazing farm up in the north, I cannot wait to go back to Lisbon and live there for a while, until when I don't know [ as usual ] ...

[ while my boxes full of winter clothes and so on are still waiting at some of my friends ... ]

The hardest part of moving back to Lisbon has been finding a house, let's be frank, finding a house in Lisbon right now is a nightmare. What's actually happening is exactly what happened a few years ago when everyone was moving to London, the only place able to offer jobs after the financial crisis, and that caused the estate industry boom, crazy prices for small dirty rooms, or the option to live far away from the city centre and commute for hours everyday.

The situation in Lisbon [and Porto] is quickly becoming the same, during the last couple of years the number of people working remotely [ the digital nomads to make it sound international ] has increased of a four percentage point since 2012 only in America, and why then living in the grey cities in the north when you can have the sun, the ocean and cheaper prices for a more decent lifestyle?

Little by little the city centre has become crowded by foreigners, with the big help of Airbnb and all the estate agencies wolfs that have started making crazy profits out of the properties. The good side of it is that many of the abandoned old buildings have been renovated, the bad side of it it that the prices of the new properties in the most typical areas of the city are now totally unaffordable with the Portuguese minimum wage of €557 per month ($648) in 14 payments and people have to moving out, in the skirt outside their beautiful city, becoming more curated and clean everyday :


The lucky once are those with an old contract and decent landlords happy to keep the standards and not looking at their properties on a lucrative sight, but well, that's not enough and people are finally starting movements against short term rentals and so on.

So, if you are planning to move to Lisbon soon, be aware that is not as cheap and easy as you think, there are a few websites and facebook pages to look at, there are a few area in which is still a bit easier to find a place but they're not very well connected as they seem from the map and budgetwise, the minimum for a single room it's about 300€ and for a studio flat you have to double the price.

I have been lucky, I am going to live not too far from the city centre, in Saldanha and very close to one of my favourite spots: The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. I haven't seen the place yet a part of a skype call with my future flatmates but I know there's going to be light enough to take my daily MOODments pictures and we have a balcony for my plants, and this is all I need for now!

I am going to move to my new home in a bit more than 24 hours and I can't wait to have my world map and grandpa oil painting back up the wall. In the main time, I was also checking for some more inspirations for vinyls and wall decorations and I fell in love with Papel na Parede, the once following are my shortlisted selection but you can find more on the website if you want to add some thoughts to your rooms, I find them so cute!

Ok, now I have to run packing my stuff, see you in Lisbon soon!! ^_^



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