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16 September 2017

Confessions of a dreamer

in the process to become location independent

 C I A O MOODers !!!

Chiedo scusa in anticipo [ e ringrazio ] a chi ha seguito queste pagine sin dall'inizio e da un po' di tempo, spesso, si trova davanti a lunghi racconti unicamente in inglese. 
La verità, è che la mia vita ultimamente è vissuta in inglese e ho difficoltà ad esprimere pensieri e ragionamenti, o raccontare esperienze in una lingua diversa da quella in cui li sto vivendo. Non voglio perdervi, prometto che alcuni prossimi contenuti saranno in italiano. 
Il fatto è che voglio anche che questo spazio di web sia autentico e onesto, e i contenuti in italiano vissuti in italiano. So che magari non ha senso quello che dico, ma è essatamente ciò che sento.

I have to say that, in fact, I am already location independent, and this is actually the only fixed point in my life right now!

This started 5 months ago, when I decided to leave my safe job in London, to move to Lisbon and started to define the first steps of a new adventure, soon realising I probably took a very quick decision [that's so me :/ ] and had not much clue on what to do and how to start.

The dream to become location independent [or digital nomad] comes from a deep need to feel free to move to new Countries and explore new places and cultures non-stop. When I was a kid I used to listen for hours and hours at the stories of my grandparents, about their travels around the world. From every place they visited I received a gift: a typical doll, made locally, according to the esthetic of the culture, in different materials and shapes. I still have all of them, they are: the hardwood geometrical Japanese girl painted in black and white, the girl from guatemala wearing a corn leaf, the egyptian man riding a leather camel , and many more...

They have been sitting on the shelf above my bed for the first 18 years of my life and I remember, at least once a day, I was observing them, dreaming of their origins, feeling them in shapes and colours as something I had to know from a closer distance, they were my escape from my little town, the beginning of my journey.

Since then, I am restless...

To get lost is my only plan when wandering around, with no map or destination, choosing the uncharted smallest streets with my camera in the hand, to catch the small details and the expressions of the people in close-up shots. I walk slow, I stop often, I look up, often alone, to have the time to relish the little details, the hidden ones. One of the things I enjoy the most is when I can dedicate the right pace and time to a single moment, a corner. I walk a lot, my favourite means of transport is my bike and, whenever I can, I rent a car and go for a road trip.

I am a nomadic soul, I am not sure I can really consider myself as a traveller and surely not a travel blogger! I have a passport, don't get me wrong, and I am looking forward to the right time to fly to Asia, my dreamland, but, so far, I have never been out of Europe. I feel I still have so much to see around here before flying away! Probably the best way to define myself is "a flaneur", an explorer, I move to a place to the next, slowly.

But let's go back to the subject, how can I be free?

Living on my savings is definitely a short-term plan, exciting and scary at same time. Every morning I wake up, I take my 20-minute meditation, a good healthy breakfast and I'm ready to start the day with a smile, full of pure happiness and enthusiasm, but well, I am not there yet. Right now it's still compromised by the uncertainties of my future. 

Excitement and sense of responsibilities toward myself and my dreams are the fuel that takes me to the desk and makes me work all day at a pace I could have never imagined: me organised? me networking? me mingling? me chasing? oh yes! I'm doing all of these and more on a constant basis and I am learning and enjoying it.

At this point doesn't matter if meet your MOOD is online since 2013, what I am trying to achieve is much more than having a blog, it's not even about becoming a blogger!
It's about crafting my future, exploring new possibilities, understanding who I am, what I can do, what I can offer and what my value is, it's about leaving behind that feeling of not being enough [ I have to say, London doesn't boost your ego! ], but understanding that life is a long process and perfection is not always required. I am ready to work hard, to say yes, passionate and giving always my 95% [at least]. I want to be able to set myself free to new opportunities and flexible to consider the unplanned possibilities out there.

All this, requires a strong and quick improvement of my skills and I have been so lucky to meet amazing people along the way to here open to offer their support, to share their experiences and time, they are my new friends, the first taking part of this next journey, knowing me in this stage of life, which is also somehow shaping a new Tessy, someone I don't know yet.

My time in August at the digital nomad farm has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my entire life. Together with the other nomads, I have improved the look of the blog, I created a more clear plot, I defined how to send an email, to whom and when, how to use my skills and to enhance them, how to save time with smart tools, how to build relationships with locals and promote my work, how to be proud of myself defining step by step new milestones and enjoying the little achievements... and more...

The Digital Nomad Farm is a time capsule where everything goes fast and slow at same time, it's a pink house in a remote village close to a small town called Barcelos, in the north of Portugal, close to Braga. The magic happens when you arrive and the gate opens on a small street with massive mushes of blue hydrangea on the sides. There are two tiny sweet dogs and the older Simão  which doesn't know yet if want's to make friends or rather stay alone, there are the hidden bushes of rasp and blue -berries and, don't ask me how's possible, but yes, every day they are full of new colourful ones to pick for breakfast.

We were a small group of 6, bloggers and not only, from Portugal, Italy, Germany, Canada and France, cooking together, and feeling the presence and support of each other during the long laptop sessions, interrupted by some photos and video editing, a run, or a badminton match. The best part is that quick after I arrived I felt like I was part of something bigger than me and, after a few weeks, each one of them had already become a part of my life, an extension of my family.

The journey, the real one has just started, the energies are on the top scale and what is going be next is already making me happy, not everything is easy and often is good to be strong.

Are you with me MOODers?


Unknown said...

Loved the post Tessy! <3

Abby said...

Loved what you wrote about finding out who you really are, and about being a part of something bigger while at the nomad farm. :)

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