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18 August 2017

Be a Pineapple is a MOOD,

fresh sweet and tasty



So MOODers, how's your summer going so far?

 Here at the Nomad Farm time is running slow, at the pace of the nature.
Going to sleep at midnight means that at 7 in the morning when the rooster starts crowing and nature welcomes the new day is the perfect moment to wake up, and maybe go for a run in the countryside or some yoga in the garden.

I wake up early and enjoy it!

At the beginning, when I was looking at the time and it was 6.30 / 7 the only obsession was to sleep more, and struggle with that for the next hour or so... but then I suddenly realized that I was forcing myself for some more sleeping [because 7 it's not the right time to be awake according to myself], whilst waking up, activate myself brain and body before starting a working day is so much better!

At 30, almost 31, I just started enjoying the early mornings, appreciating the quietness of post poning to an extra hour the long daily working session with my Mac. 
Here at the farm I take that time for myself only, far from the phone and all the working schedules, just an hour to appreciate the new day.

This BE A PINEAPPLE MOOD reflects this spirit!

A fresh, sweet and tasty MOOD, the brightness of the lifestyle I am joining little by little, step after step, it's not only a geographical slow journey, but also a consciouss travel in the slow living, in the appreciation of little details of life, in learning how to gift myself with the time for understanding, for taking a break, to listen at myself.

The perfect lamp for the MOOD is
IC Light F2 Brass designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos Lighting
minimal, essential and geometrical.
 But no worries, I'm going to dedicate more space to this designer I love the next week!


Here at the Nomad Farm, we are a bunch of young people with different experiences and backgrounds, we live together, we share most of time between us, and I would have never been able to survive as the Tessy I used to be, not to consider appreciate and been part of it as I am now.

While writing these words I am becoming more aware of my last achievement:

the more I listen at myself, 
the better I understand myself,
the deeper I listen at others,
the stronger my relationships are,
the greatest I feel with myself and people around me.

I am so happy to share this with you,
and ready for starting this fresh new weekend coming.

I won't be working, at all, for the next couple of days, and this is one other new big step! 

W I S H  Y O U  A  H A P P Y  W E E K E N D ^^

And if you also want to learn how to grow a pineapple in your kitchen, here the > LINK

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Anonymous said...

Ma quanto è rinfrescante questo post. In Liguria ci sono 38° ed n leggero ponentino. Una meraviglia! La leggerezza dei toni, e parole schiette e i colori tenui di queste foto hanno reso ancora più gentile questa notte senza luna. Amo l'estate e quelli che la amano <3. Marienarica

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