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06 August 2017

Reading a blog must be an easy journey


Update from the digital nomads farm - Barcelos, Portugal DAY 4

and I am working hard to make the look of my blog fresh and in line with the new aspirations.

The DAILY technical blog improvements are:

mediakit page  > here

partners page  > here 

I finally managed to have the drop down navigation menu, thanks to


Remove title in static pages


Edit search bar and move to the top

After realising what I want this blog to be about

 [ SLOW TRAVEL, DESIGN  with a conscious and sustainable focus ]

I soon decided that I needed some colours again, after a last year or so in greyscale

 The new palette for this blog is in natural shades, the soft tones of the memories from my mum's flower and design shop, where I grew up playing in the back yard with flowers, ribbons and all I could find around me, the best playground for a kid with crafting obsession like I used to be.

That's the starting point of my story, and it's now time to begin the real journey.

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”  

~ Indian Proverb


My blog and this new start is dedicated to the 6 women of my family, 

to you, a colour, 

to you, my love [...]


Anna, la sua rosa, i viaggi e lo spirito libero

Enrica, il profumo di un giardino nascosto, inviato per lettera

Françisca, il ricordo

Leda, il sapore della semplicità

Roberta, la quotidiana bellezza

  simplify the blog first !

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