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08 August 2017

Pau-Brasil, the place in Lisbon where you can find

the most authentic Brasilian design

Hey MOODers!

Today it's the day of the challenge :

Let me convince you in 10 pictures, not more not less, that 
Pau-Brasil is the place where you wish you were, right now !

Sometimes I find so hard to explain by words something I've seen [...]

I guess that's probably the reason why, more then 10 years ago already [ aaaahhhh OO], I decided to study architecture and straight after that working my way through something even more visual, specializing in interior design and further more visual merchandising and set design...

They have the power to bring an idea up to life, to make a story a reality. To take your hand and go for a real journey into something you could have only imagined before, made of smell, sounds, involving all your senses.


Most of the times, while wondering around, I spot a place, I walk in and I wish you were there to live the experience with me, and that's why I start taking pictures, to share with you the emotions I'm living, that magical vibe.

Today I want to share with you, according to the yellow of this month, the interiors of Casa Pau-Brasil, a stunning high-end concept store located in Principe Real, Lisbon, where Brasil is not only in the shown independent brands but in the whole 500sm palace.

The brasilian designer Marcela Brunken is the one that, with an accurated use of colours and architectural arrangements, made me speechless for at least a good hour in which I have been off, with my mind in Brasil. Here you can find a "Brasil diferente", following the vision of Rui Gomes Araujo, defining an authentic and genuine space.

"Pau-Brasil was a Movement and a Manifesto. It is also a book
 – written by Oswald de Andrade and illustrated by Tarsila do Amaral –
 which poeticizes and foretells a Brazil that swaps importing for exporting. 
Both in a commercial and a cultural sense.

This is what inspired us. 

For the name and the graphic design of the brand. 
Also for the attitude and the look. It is this other Brazil 
– this #newdiscoveryofbrazil – 
that we want to present to the world from Portugal."

And if pictures aren't enough, as they could never be, remember to add this spot on your list for your next trip to Lisbon ;)

ADDRESS : nÂș 42 da Rua D. Pedro V  >>   
 fb pau brasil lisboa

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