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29 August 2017

LE ITALIANE BISTRO', the place in Braga where

you can feel the italian touch without a checked table cloth

M O O D e r s ! !

I am still based in the north of Portugal for a few more days before hading back to Lisbon 
and today I am here again with the

[ the challenge, one of those.. ]
Not more, not less, than ten pictures to convince you that
LE ITALIANE BISTRO' is the place where you wish you were
right now !

Mariantonietta e Floriana respectively from Acri [ Calabria ] and from Messina [ Sicilia ], decided to move to Braga, the 135k people and major hub for inland Northern Portugal, in 2014 for an internship: M in turism and F in media comunication.

People in Braga started calling them "las italianas" [the italians] and little by little they started feeling part of the community, the city became their own city, the language pretty soon stopped being a boundary, and 'portugliano' begun the main bridge in their daily life.

They didn't take too long to decide they wanted to stay, becoming expats in the city that was already giving them all they needed, and that's when Le italiane Bistrò was born. The nickname people used to refer to them was ready to become a place, a cute spot in the historical city centre. They started a project with the aim of bringing with them the best of the italian culture: high quality and semplicity, without the annoying clichè of the red and white checked table cloths. This is not a trattoria, it's a simple and authentic place where everything is home made, with love and good wine.

Praça Velha nº 9A, Sé
4700439 Braga,





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