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28 August 2017

Last Monday at the digital nomad farm and

I am learning about DA / Domani Authority

Ok MOODers, if I ask you what is your DA [supposing you have a blog or in general a website] , what would you say?

I have meetyourmood since 2013 and everyday I am learning something new. Today that was the question and the answer is :

DA = Domain Authority 
easy ? 0_o 

Ok let's try to understand what it is and, getting to know that mine is 23/100, I think is a good opportunity also to see how [and if] this DA can be improved.

 Curious to know your DA now? This is the LINK >
[consider that over 20 is already a good number] 

Domain Autority, according to, is a website metric developed by Moz, an algorythm that determine the quality of traffic and rank.

Key factors:

- quantity of backward links pointing to your website and how authoritative those sites are
- 100/100 is the Facebook and Google DA
- DA is not easy to influence

So how to improve it?

 >> Neil Patel says
  1. Get rid of bad links.
  2. Gain good links.
 But I mean : H O W ?

 about the first point there's not much to do, here there are some options, personally I decided to bypass and check straigh if I can do something about the "gain good linking"part.

which means : "high value information that elicits links by virtue of its awesomeness"


To have a great DA/ Domain Authority we have to create great contents that people will enjoy and share on their high quality platforms.

high > High > HIGH > H I G H  !

 Not much of a secret isn't it? 

Let start with the good work,

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