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14 August 2017

Amate Gio Ponti. Architecture is a blue diamond.

Gio Ponti is a Maestro, my bachelor thesis was based on his philosophy and his process in the understanding of colours and shapes with an instinctive approach, based on human expressivity.

He wrote "Amate L'architettura, L'architettura è un cristallo"

[Love architecture, Architecture is a diamond]

The book is made like a diary, looks more like a notebook, with chapters in different colour pages.
I have had this book for years and never managed to finish, and never managed to start too!
It's so inviting to flick through and follow instinct and random thoughts that I will never end enjoying its pages.

I have to admit that I am missing it, unfortunately my nomadic lifestyle doesn't allow me to carry around in my boxes any books and stuff like that and everything I love is storaged in my mum's house waiting for that possible future in which I will decide to settle down somewhere.

Anyways, its intro explains better than anything else the mindset of a genius, a poliedric architect with a unique vision of details, colours and composition, a precursor of the modern story telling.

"This book is for lovers of architecture and for spasimants
Of civilization for those dreaming about architecture, 
for those dreaming of civilization (is it a dream?) 
Not a book about architecture, but architecture
This book is not designed; it's a collection of ideas, 
rather than coordinating ideas: coordinate them according to your choices: 
will serve you better, it will become personal,
Maybe read it on a random page
This book was made as it is painting: on and off, twisting, on details
Such a book is never ending: it continues: it is autobiography; you do
dismiss it unfinished: every re-edition will resume it
This book is partly written for aphorisms: the desire to isolate the
Thoughts and express it briefly
Not to dictate law, if ever to excite the contradiction:
Because a book is a talk, not a soliloquy: only in madness
We're talking alone
There are no "original", "new" ideas in this book; 
ideas original does not count; 
indeed really original ideas actually not exist [...]

And the story he decided to tell when he designed the interiors of the first boutique Hotel in the world, in Sorrento, Parco dei Principi Hotel [ the hotel I dream about since I was 20 and I discoved of its existence ], is all about white and blue, and the ability to compone a simphony using furnitures, tiles, mingling with the shades of the sea and the sky.

Gio Ponti plays with the perception, arranging minimal settings made of a multitude of different details. He creates connections, he plays with reality in two and three dimensions creating something new out of the simplicity.

The Superleggera chair [progetto 699], designed in 1955, it's therefore just "a simple chair" which follows the archetipo of the traditional Chiavarina [made in Chiavari, Liguria, Italy, not far form my hometown] aiming to creating a chair able to be:



[Still produced by Cassina btw ! ]

The power of this chair has never been in its esthetical features and decorative motifs,
rather in the ability to accomplish its mission and become an italian culto due to his tecnhological and rational approach to the project, together with the interesting advertising campaigns.

Yes because Gio Ponti was a genius in communication!!

After being creative director for Richard Ginori, he founded the design and architecture magazines Domus and Stile, partecipating also to the organisation for Milano Triennale and Compasso D'oro, together with La Rinascente, the famous italian luxury department store based in the centre of Milano.

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