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08 August 2017

Take a bunch of digital nomads and put them into a farm

Update from the digital nomads farm - Barcelos, Portugal DAY6

 [ and the 3 pictures per day challenge ] 

Life at the Nomad Farm is an ealthy routine, we wake up about 8, sometimes early when the cock starts singing, some yoga in the field to activate body and mind [I promised myself not to touch the phone before of the end of it but so far I haven't been successful], a good breakfast and than at work!

The co-working area is made of two big old tables, two of the walls are pink and the big typography wallart in the picture is right behind us, the artist is HomSweetHom [ real name, Lauren Hom ;) and the job was done pretty easily! ], she was staying in my bedroom [SAUDADE] last year and her works reflect the energy of the big projects happening within these walls.  

 Lauren spent the last year traveling and drawing and the last June has been published her first book out of the blog dailydishonesty.com, an amazing collection of all the letter works she made during her journey, I feel so inpired every morning I wake up here! 

I am so glad to have the time and the quiteness to focus on my projects, I feel blessed, I am taking this opportunity with full hands and hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do. 

By the way, today is the first day I feel I need a trip out of the farm!

Since I moved here I have been constantly working on my projects, I arrived with a few deadlines coming soon and had not much time to take a break. Yesterday instead the MOOD was sort of a Sunday one and well, now I need an escape, a day off surrounded by a moltitude of people and new scenarios. Do you have any place to recommend around Braga?

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