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09 August 2017

The perfect cards game for the summer nights is now SET !


Update from the digital nomads farm - Barcelos, Portugal DAY7

[ and the 3 pictures a day challenge ]  

We are 5 digital nomads sharing the days living in a farm in the middle of nowhere in the nord of Portugal, the closest town is Barcelos, the first city is Braga.

Today was windy and super sunny and my tan is really greateful.

The guys are back from their short trip to Guimaraes and the team is back to full strenght.

My legs are covered by mosquitos bites and I spent the day scratching.

I went for a 5km run with Antonio @55secrets , the area around the farm reminds me so much of the summer trips to visit gradma in Montezemolo, a tiny village in Piemonte, Italy, where she used to spend the hottest months, making jam, tomato sauce, and so many others delicious jars.

Blogwise : I have a Newsletter subscribing form, which you are all invited to fill :P

a classic mailchimp >  subscribe and be happy

 Tonight we played a card game, he perfect cards game for the summer nights, forget about UNO, the one is SET !

1 - 2 - 3 

In order to win a set you have to pick 3 cards with either same or all different caracteristics considering all the 4  groups above. Well try it and let me know, seems pretty easy but it's kinda tricky and definetly challengy. A very good brain breaker before crushing into bed ;)

Good night e até amanhã !

This is an easy SET !

Take a bunch of digital nomads and put them into a farm 
 - typography wallart by HomSweetHom -

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