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18 July 2017


for long time travelers


If you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company 
Jean-Paul Sartre

NOMAD [wikipedia] 

 (Greek: νομάς, nomas, plural νομάδες, nomades; meaning one roaming about for pasture, pastoral tribe) is a member of a community of people who live in different locations, moving from one place to another.

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Human history has been nomad until about 10,000 years ago before civilisation, when people used to move around all the time, from place to place,  modern humans lived as nomads for 99 per cent of our history || dating back at least 3 million years.

Their habit was to share things with each other, because it meant there was less to carry. 
The woods were full of magic and wonder: they contained the spirits of their dead ancestors who returned in the afterlife to protect, guide and comfort the living [ or so they thought ]. The woods were their ultimate source of food, warmth, habitation, medicine and shelter.

So now, after a little longer than a century in which human history has changed so fast has never before, making of possession and stability the main goal for everyone during at least 50 years, we are now starting admiring again a nomadic lifestyle and a long term travel.

Is it not the time we are living right now? 

I'm talking about myself now, only because I'm the person I know better [ and believe me, I don't know myself even a 50%]. When I was a teenager my main dream was to be popular and loved, to be the best at everything, I was obsessed by being always the one with more and better, but my family didn't let me follow my esigence, and kept me low profile. When I arrived in Milano, for the first time surrounded by so many people that have been traveled so much, seen so much, most of them were already speaking perfect english, after school experiences abroad, there were the foreigner too, arrived to Milano for studying, and that was so amazing, I started feeling small, and struggling to find the comfort, I couldn't even pretend anymore, I was so far from them.

For all those years in Milano I was in a constant fight between me at the moment and me in projection. Who I really wanted to be and what was achievable from my point?

The first few years I was shopping obsessed, the freedom of being able to buy anything because no one [my parents] could see and judge brought me to be shopping compulsive. I was working to buy, to spend all I had to collect stuff. The ggod side is that I started creating my own style, I started being curious about what people wear and why, I started feeling I was different from the people part of groups, wearing the same to feel part of something, I wanted to be part of  group, part of something but that somehow wasn't for me, I needed to be free to wear every morning exactly what I needed that day, I was in a daily metamorphose, and that was my first blog: every day a new style, different colours, a different MOOD, I don't even remember how is was called [...]

The research about personality, and the obsession for colours, brought me to the Colour Department at Politecnico di Milano, where for the first time I was studying how colour and perception work and interact.

My journey at that point had already change it's path, I was starting being curious about the environment, [I don't eat meat since I was 12] I was feeling good with all those people that didn't want to be labelled, but that's not easy, sometimes you need a uniform to be part of something [...]

The judgment of others touches me deeply so, I pushed myself to be different and proud of it, but different from what? Probably only different by doing what I feel like, in the exact moment I feel it, the only rule is to try not to hurt to anyone, as much as possible at least. This is probably the main reason why I love London, nothing matter, too diverse to be too different, to many people to be judged when singing aloud cycling your bike [...]

Meetyourmood started because I needed to start experience colour, personality and perception on a practicle level, to get closer to people, to experiment.

The research started back then and the more I'm talking about houseing, looking at interiors, making projects and loving it, the more I find myself with no house, home-less: a nomadic interior designer.

I was talking about this yesterday at Palacio Belmonte with Anita Ackermanns and that's the point when she decided to check my astrology [...] and apparently is already written on my stars, what she could read is that my home is in movement, that when I said "I feel my only stable house in the last years has been my blog" is something that is connected to my stars. As a matter of fact I haven't been in the same house for longer than 8 months in 6 years [this really improved my ability in packing boxes, if you need help just drop me an email], everytime I set up my space in order to feel comfortable, and every next time this goes together with a more minimal space, while the only place I keep updating and upgrading is this, my blog.

For the first time I am really part of a movement
I am a digital nomadic now temporarely based in Lisbon.

I wear what I feel like and I do what I want, with less, for less: less care about money, less possessions, less pressions: back in the past, nomadic lifestyle meant people had few, if any, actual possessions. All they had was what they could carry.

Being a nomadic soul is one of the trends of this Age, we aim for freedom, we admire the simple living, for the first time we don't look forward to be stable, our community [for us millennials] is the world, internet is our village and we take advantage of every opportunity to meet other nomads along the way, we share: co-working, co-living, we want to feel together, no matter where, you're always welcome.

Looking at our society from this perspective makes my happy, makes me feel stronger than ever, this is the group I feel part of and I didn't have to wear anything specific, I just had to realize I was already part of it.


A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving 
Lao Tzu

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