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10 July 2017

My Journey in design around Alfama roof by roof

carrying around a delicate ceramic MIA lamp

[ and we're both still alive! #success ]

Come to visit in Lisbon ! ^_^

 I am 30 ( almost 31 but shhhh) 

and I feel like my life just started a few years ago

when I decided to follow myself, 

and finally move to London. 


[ALL PICTURES FEATURE MIAlamp by Federica Bubani for Fabbian thanks to LampCommerce] 

The city I've always loved since I was 12 and I stayed there for a month with my family.

Learning how to be myself has always been a reason of struggle for me, deeply fighting between my will and what I supposed to be, and ending up with less conclusions and much confusion.

Let everything behind and starting from scratches has been the key, with an open door to re-build fresh new relationships and live my experiences with all my soul, brain and heart.

Being less judgmental with my own self is still the hardest part, but I am working on it !

The easiest part has been getting to understand that I can do whatever I want, all I desire, no matter how old I am, no matter what anyone could think about, as soon as I don't hurt anyone... and the best part is that: the more I am happy, the stronger I can build relationships, the most honest relationships and friendships I've ever had. [ My friends are spread around the world, we don't need a daily follow up, our connection is on some other level ]

I have to admit, I am not particularly easy to have around, I have my moral and ideals which are pretty strong, but I am always open to a fair confrontation, to listen, and people around me also accept my silence, they honour my metime, which is also one of the keys of my new life, because yes: I was born again on that 12th of February flying to London for the second time with a one way ticket, plus a broken heart and a messed up soul in addiction, on this occasion.

It wasn't my first experience abroad and back than it was already almost 10 years I was (kind of) independent and living out of the family nest, but that wasn't enough. I needed a break, a break from everything and everyone.

My English is still far to perfection and, as most of the aspects of my life, is a work in progress, but the experience of getting to a next level, day after day and broaden my opportunities to meet people, has also been one of the crucial steps of this journey. Open myself to new chances and challenges with full hands is the actual stage and would have never been possible without improving my English and my confidence.

It's just matter of numbers at the end: more languages spoken, more people you can reach, the better the next experiences will be.

It's easy! If you can expand the community around you, you earn in terms of quality [more people, more choice, better quality! That's why I'm so happy new generations speak English, towards a better society in which dialogue is possible, but this is another story...] and this has always been my first goal in life, but for a long time I just left it aside, as something that would have happend, eventually... and that is exactly the starting point: teaching myself how to make things happen!


The journey brought me, on the 5th floor of one of the old buildings in the Alfama district of Lisboa, in a room with a window I can sneak through and walk on the roofs... [don't do it yourself, or do it but bring water and make sure you're not drunk or hungover!]

Lisbon is the place I moved to, on the 7th of June, during the Santos Populares...

Why Lisbon? I have my brother here, we haven't been in the same city for the last 11 years.

Lisbon is the sun, is all the vitamin D I was missing in London

Lisbon is my skin getting tanned and looking healthy again

Lisbon is surfing, that thing that comes as a statement on my journey : one of those things I've always wanted to do and I never... because ... [and a flow of excuses not to make it happen...]

Lisbon is improving my English, meeting more and more people every day, and learn Portuguese!

Well, this has been my journey so far...

And yes, yesterday I had a moment in which I realised how I happy I was. It was so exciting!
It was so strong that for some time I couldn't move, I was just listening at my heart going crazy!

Being happy is one of those things that are goals to me, always trying to understand how to get there, how other people make it seem so easy... I know that sounds depressing and yes, I am a bit, can't define how much... and getting along and accept this as a part of myself is one of the keys I've had to had to the collection.

I can allow myself to some moment of down [ as soon as I go through and find the way out] , it's not a big deal!

What made me so happy?

I spent an amazing weekend surfing with bro and friends in Ericeira, in a house I promise I will show you at some point, and me and Umby hitchhiked back to Lisbon in the evening... we had then a long walk through the city from Campo Grande (maybe) to the city, only the two of us, under a full moon, sharing one of those moments that only brothers can, and then we hug and I walked to my new house... in the night, with my backpack, with no phone, a bit lost in the streets of Alfama.

I opened the door of my bedroom ready to write this post and I saw this lamp waiting for me, one of the few things I own after years of cluttering and the good decluttering of the last months.

Yes! The Mia Lamp by Fabbian has been the first thing I've owned when arrived in Lisbon even before having a bed to call a bed. LampCommerce made me a precious gift, and this cute one, protected in its box has already moved to 3 houses in three different areas of the city so far and it's delicate shape and perfect volume are so in contrast with my random life that I feel I have to take care of it like a treasure, scared of breaking while jumping up and down the roofs to take some shots.

Federica Bubani is the designer, from Faenza, using the traditional ceramic craft skills to shape delicate and contemporary pieces. I fell in love at first sight with her concept when I first met her back in 2013, when this blog was so new and I went to the Operae Fair in Torino ... here you can find the interview (italian only I'm afraid) , in total adoration for her!! ehehe

This lamp makes the bridge between my desire of travelling and be free to move on a constant journey from Country to Country, being part of the culture and feel like a local and my passion for design, my ambition of shaping spaces, making interior design projects, which was the core of this blog at the beginning which is now turning into something else, into my long term house in endless work in progress... #allosbaraglio

Walking into my empty room and seeing it brighten gives me the energy to work hard, because this blog is all I want, a simple place where travels and daily experiences, meet with amazing people and great design, with the traditions, curiosity and amazing ideas. Beauty is all I want in my life, kindness, honesty and genuinely is all I ask for and all I want to write about.

I hope you want to take part of this journey and jump aboard!
Let see if you can find my roof, and that tiny window in Alfama.... ;)

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