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26 July 2017

My personal journey towards the instagram success


Ok MOODers I have a problem, again.

My instagram [s] doesn't perform as good as I'd like to, no matter the effort [and time and so on... ] I don't register the organical growth I would expect to. Let's be frank, my shots are great, full stop and no laugh, but I seem to be making some [huge] mistakes on the way to success. [ D A M N ! ]

So, starting from the point "I won't never pay for social visibility"[never say never they say] any suggestion for me and my multiple galleries? A while back, here, in London, I was hating instagram, it was taking to much of my free time and my approach was totally unresponsible and unplanned, whilst since I moved to Portugal I've decided to focus on my digital nomad life 100% and ig would definetly be a big aspect of my plan, workwise, and this completely change the game.

The way to success [ahah] started with a nice notebook [head picture by KINGANDMCGAW.COM], a good studying of all the articles I could find online and organizing the informations related to my needs, nothing random, success comes from hard working this is my Instagram step by step.

At first stage I came out with this:

  • ・a clear out of the main account tessy_mood to make it look more consistent
  • ・the opening of a new account mood_ment, to collect all together the most minimal shots [ which also turned out to be an interesting journey in self acceptance, but this is another story...]
  • ・working on the third and almost forgotten meetyourmood on a photo-project that has been crossing my mind for a while
  • ・try to define the niche of the galleries, connected to how I feel and how I want to share about myself with my [potential] followers 
  • ・in my instagram book [yes, now I'm doing it seriously and I want to keep track of all the attempts] I defined the topics of each gallery:
    • ▪︎ tessy_mood is 'the journey' : the most spontaneous and constantly updated, the blog in progress, the gallery of my travels and daily adventures
    • ▪︎ mood_ment is 'a mo-ment in move-ment' : a project about minimal still life shots, playing with body and shapes, design pieces and random objects
    • ▪︎ meetyourmood is 'shadows, landscapes and architecture' : no explanation needed

  ONLINE SINCE 29th of September 2012

ONLINE SINCE 9th of June 2017

ONLINE SINCE 26th of February 2016

Writing black on white made me realised what I visually like / and what don't , together with a personally interesting awarness: for the first time I defined my main interests and what I want to share through this blog [and the related social media]:

I need the randomness of Tessy, 
the consistency and delicate beauty of moodment 
and the graphical strength and pragmatism of meetyourmood.

So far the result was: an even deeper confusion about how to make instagram work [DOUBLE DAMN] and not improvement.

They say : be active, it's social! And I started compulsively liking all the pictures on my homepage, make some random comment sometime and I was hating it! F R U S T R A T I O N is the only word coming to my fingers to explain my mood. No growth on the main account and a ridicolous number of likes on my BEAUTIFUL pictures [eheh], slow but consistent growth of the new mood_ment and a quite viral liking for the meetyourmood feeds but no new followers, stationary on about 265 since I can remember. I have to say that :

  • ・I take care the less, leaving it on it's own
  • ・I post many pictures at same time and than nothing for a while
  • ・timing is random, no schedule at all
  • ・simple copy and paste of the comments
  • ・good visual identity
  • ・no obsessed liking to followed / basically zero
  • ・I follow very random people or real friends / no niche focused

The second move has been : create the niche, which according to my research means: every account will need a different approach [TRIPLE DAMN]

  • ・follow who is in line with the concept of the niche, the galleries which share a similar visual identity or concept
  • ・work on the hashtags in order to connect pictures to the right spontaneous researches
  • ・make sure #s are a good balance of very popular and a 'be in the top post' onces, conquer one of those nine tiles makes the square more visible with the chance of increasing the audience
  • top posts are selected by the algorithms [yes that's our enemy] by a combination of timing and engagement during the first 24 hours in which the combination of amazing photo + right #s + perfect time has to smash it
  • use some niche-specific #s for most of the posts and some more picture-specific to identify the shot, eventually create a personal # to create engagement : the hard part is make people understanding what to use it for and work to make it known in the specific context [this is what I am trying with #moodment, for ethical and simple shots / comments not yet available]
  • ・communicate trough videos and instastories / I won't consider this point for now cause I really don't like them unfortunately

Good achievement: in my case, something like my previous facebook decluttering just happened, now that I am following only my favorite selection of galleries, it's a pleasure to scroll up and down the wallpage and engage with my niche.

  • ▪︎ today I also realised that tessy is the less visually consistent: it's the oldest, my very first instagram account and has been passing through many different stages, blame that's the most versatile as for umpredictable locations and spots, compared to the other two it's spontaneous and constantly follows myself, which makes of it my favourite, it's not a project, it's just me, the photo album of my life. So, the next goal is to make it more uniform and pleasant, working on lights and contrasts.

In terms of success, at the moment I don't have any big improvements, but I've just started and the journey to success, is always long, plus I'm in that mood in which I enjoy all my galleries and I look forward to see what next, will keep you updated !

Obviously, if between you there is some expert that want to take a look at my galleries and give me some advices that would be awesome and very appreciated. ^_^

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