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28 June 2017


The MOOD for who loves a calm pace looking at the rain through the windows

There is something very important about interior design: our homes should reflect us, our likes and our values. Our belongings should make us happy. It’s not always possible or easy, often we are left with someone else’s cast off’s. Sometimes it’s because of the budget, but aspiration should always be to only have things we think are beautiful in our home. I know you are going to need practical items too, that’s true! A good rule is: all items you see and use everyday should please you.

The trend for glass accessories is a classic: sheer, transparent or translucent glass accessories and light fittings will delight the eye. I adore this concept, I like the fact that you can see inside. The contents becomes part of the design. An empty box can easily become an art installation. 

If you are opting to display your glass collection as decorative objects then group them together in cabinets or as a small focal point on a shelf, adding some lighting too. Glass and light are a magical combination, light just brings everything to life, such a tempting pairing!

If you’re considering a little home restyling, glass objects and lighting are an affordable way to refresh your home. The added benefit is that clear glass will look good with every colour you ever choose. It’s such a simple style to create but make sure you are balancing the composition. The basic principal is gather, group and light your collection of glass objects. To fully realise the scheme don’t scrimp, there’s no half measure, you’ll need multiple glass frames and boxes in various shapes and sizes to give this look the impact it deserves. Bare bulb lamps are interesting by day look so incredible in the evenings.

It's easy to find something to fit delightfully in every room of the home, value is in the simplicity everyday, transparency is the simple joy that takes back to childhood days when treasures were held in a jar.

Glass also provides a clean, airy and uncluttered effect. The perfect combination of decoration and space saving. Too many opaque objects within a room can have the place feeling overcrowded, using the interior design inspiration “transparency” avoids this without limiting you to a minimal number of objects and fittings. Putting that glass cabinet into your room keeps the wall behind visible avoiding the sense that you’re losing too much space.

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