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01 June 2017

La rubrica a tutto colore si tinge di Trasparenze,

Transparent for June!

What transparent is?
And how can I say transparent and define it, without knowing its opposite?

This month stories will be based on this colour, materical in its unappeareance.
It can only exist thanks to wthat's behind.

June as a month of transition - in Lisbon SOON!


Trasparente รจ invisibile?

you can find all the pictures in my transparent PINBOARD

 >> notes from day 23rd of May  2017

Something append today, and it's one of those things rarely happening in life, certainly never before to me:
my friend prayed for me, 
with me. 

She didn't want to let me go before sharing a moment for us only. She dedicated her time to prepare the speach for me, she waited until the perfect time arrived, the quiteness needed for a moment to remember. She gave me a gift made of love, pure love, the one that is so precious you need white gloves to touch, it took my breath. 

She gifted peace to me, to my journey, to my new adventure. 

I realised how deep she has been looking inside me the whole time we spent together since we first met, she tried to understand me without that judgmental attitude that scares and hynibit the deep self, we built a relationship made of mutual honesty, and true laughs. 

(...) This morning I woke up sad, [Manchester Ariana Grande concert happened the night before] has been a very tough day, I felt the desire not to smile, to be free to be sad the whole day, as I believe happened to many of you. 
Than, in the afternoon, a tiramisu cake and a colourful card from my colleagues (at Eileen Fisher) brought the sun into my day, that sun that meanwhile started shining outside. But the day wasn't over, and you surprised me my friend, unexpectedly, before shutting the door forever, one of the thousands I've lost the keys of in my life, you broke the wall, you let me go leaving an open door.. 

London you always give me so much, and this, again, it's not a farewell.

<< while I was taking these notes on my phone, in the tube on my way back home with the cardboards boxes ready to pack, I received a call from my flatmates: someone broke into our house. 
All their laptops and cameras taken, I was running with the fear of loosing all I have, which is here, is this Mac, and well, yes, this is still here, they completely by passed my room, possibly it was too messy and they thought someone went in before or, maybe, she was praying for me, and she protected me, she gave me the peace, and that's how I feel since than.

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