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31 May 2017

One day I promised to my young self : We will never go abroad if we don't get to know our Country and our Continent well enough first

I want to see it all and go away #01

 A few days ago I finally had the chance to catch up again with my finnish friend Noora. We met last year during the blog tour ( did I ever show you the book about it?) and we started talking and talking.. she used to live to London a few years ago but now she's back home (several travels escluded) where she lives with her french husband.

We tried to meet in Milano during Salone del Mobile this year but, as you know already, I haven't been very healthy and we missed the chance back then. But well, lucky she had a work trip already planned and we met at with her Morocco/Canadian/Romanian friend at Temakino in Soho for a cocktail with brasilian ingredients...

I love Noora because she is genuine and full of energies and ideas, and after a few minutes and updates she also invited me to visit her during the next edition of Habitare, the Helsinki design fair from 13th to 19th of September.

Well... long story short, since than I am tring to plan the trip!

I can't wait to go back there to spend some time together in that amazing city and also, finally meet in person my pen pal Pasi maybe (can't tell the story... it's too long to explain... but well... if you ask maybe....)

Well let's go back to the topic:
Helsinki > trip 

: just to complete the pattern in case you missed it : I am about to move to Portugal : 

 flight London to Lisbon attended for day 7th of June 2017 

Why Lisbon : my brother (Umberto the Aerospace Engeneer, smart, good looking, funny, tall, etc...) lives there, #0 job waiting for me (in case you wonder)

Ambition : dedicate the next months to relax, sun tan, surfing, discovering, learning portuguese, improving this blog, collaborate and create connections, working on my portfolio.

Back to the topic again:
Helsinki > trip 

Status : so much time to plan, no commitments

Why not enjoying the journey instead of a quick flight Lisbon straight to Helsinki?

Flashback : To make my life simple (as I always try to) when I was younger and I started having no doubts about my love for travelling and meeting people and learn languages and so on...

Meanwhile, everyone around me started taking flights and go far, on holidays far away... pictures from the ocean, in beautiful bungalows on the beach in some tourist villages around the world...
Friends, friends of friends, friends of my parents friends... away and far but (from my dictatorial childhood mindset) not pure travellers, 'They lack in the cultural aspects of the journey' I said, or something like that!

And then I realised that I wanted something different for myself: I started travelling around Italy, taking train first, driving my car as soon as possible and planning roadtrips with friends, trying always to catch the opportunity to meet someone local or to visit some friends around, I started couchsurfing, without knowing there was a name and a website for it.

I decided I wanted to know my Country first, Europe second and only later let myself going out (I travelled with my family to Morocco once, but that was before) for a longer flight, to other continents, overseas... I promised myself I would have lived in a few places for a while: first experience in London, the city that makes me feel free like no one else, the following year Instanbul for a month or so with the (good) excuse of a workshop in landscape architecture (which is the exact opposite of what I do now, but teached me the importance of layout and the interaction between cultures), I lived in Spain, Alicante in Erasmus for a year (classic!party and friends), than straight to Amsterdam (internship and some english courses, plus travelling around to visit my Erasmus friends...) and now here I am, in London, after a bit longer than 2 years ready to start a new adventure, no farewell and no leaving do planned, I already know I will come back soon or later...

Ok... I lost the track... but I need to tell the whole story to make sure you can understand the matter!

we were saying...  

> Lisbon to Helsinki 
> Promise made to myself : Europe first
> break a promise made to oneself is mean
> Countries still unpinned on my map :

Wow, I didn't realize I am still so far to accomplish the mission.. I need to plan one last long trip!


Russia, Kazakhistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia, together with Turkey are half Europe half Asia, and I'll just leave them for now.

So, here the idea : why not taking advantage of my time off to plan a long trip around the week in Helsinki for Habitare 2017 to visit all those Countries?

Let's face it : it looks like the best idea I've ever had, and come on, I am 30, almost 31, and it's time for me to be free to put my feet on to new ground... (can't wait to decide which one will be the first! :)) )

Practicle issue : how to plan such a trip ? I am not a billionaire and I am always more than happy to crush on a couch but I am not sure I can take the risk of take all the flights now... I will be no working for the next months and I have ridiculous saving on my bank account

The easy part : via skyscanner I can find the best flight offers thanks to my potential flexibility (ping pong style) and the fact that I will travel between September and October so, after a preliminar research, it seems it could be possible to fly here and there with less than £300

The hard part : how to plan an idilliac journey one month long or so just traveling and enjoy it as much as I can not having to consider money as my limit? I know is do-able, there are so many people around the world just traveling their whole life, but I am a bit scared: is it matter of mindset, or there is some secret I am not aware of (yet)?

Request : HELP AND SUGGESTION <<< please!

Meanwhile, it's the early morning of a brand new day and all the excitment about this all, made me forget of sleeping.

Here my rough plan at stage 01 >> Check the Map
[ wedding party of Sandy and Mathi in London end of September included]

Ok, there is so much work left, can't keep my eyes open any longer... sorry, but I don't have any energies left for a checking, hope you'll understand, have a good day!

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