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26 May 2017

M Y (and Leanne) B R I S T O L grams | colors and feelings

I am so excited to see this new little meetyourMOOD project taking life!
The instagram column has been in my mind for at least a year, 
but well the last 12 months have been too unpredictable to decide to start something new.

The time is now! Hope you'll enjoy!
You can find my travelgrams here 

I am so glad to start a new adventure in good company.
This is my first travel MOOD board, a collection of insta shots from my last weekend in Bristol, sunny days of May with Leanne, following the paths of Banksy.  

My life is visual, I think visually, and I can't find any better way
to tell stories and express my feelings than creating images. 

The first chapter of a story made of pictures collected while wandering about.

The following pictures tell the same story, from a different point of view. 
You can find Leanne on instagram

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