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10 marzo 2017

THE WEBLOGer CLOSET: sneak peek into NORA's MOOD

[ se non sai di cosa sto parlando è perchè non hai letto QUI ]

Per cui eccomi qui, a individuare il MOOD di queste pazze WEBLOGer

NAME: Nora
BLOG: design outfit

Cosa cerchi in un capo di abbigliamento?
"Il capo d'abbigliamento deve assecondare i miei movimenti e non io adattarmi al capo"

 bon ton wearing sneakers is NORA's MOOD

Miu Miu
Marc Jacobs
Rag and Bone

If you have a fashion brand, your style suits the mood board and you think that Nora would be your ideal ambassador during the 2017 Milano Design Week, drop me an e-mail with some ideas at!

WE are looking for you!
 Join us

Tessy and the WEBLOG team

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