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30 November 2016

Please bring me Christmas back ! The real one!


She doesn't look happy and today,  I badly hate Christmas:

It is all about stress. I know I've been talking about the subject on the last post (italian only) but yes, this is the problem nowadays ... transforming meaningful moments into business.

Wow! I've just texted something so obvious that I should be ashamed but, instead I'm feeling a sort of relief.

Christmas is family, food, sharing thoughts and presents, selected with love, or made for your beloved (if you have the time and the skills obviously) .... but than what? It all become a race to buy more at the best price, bargain and so on...

A Christmas present is not what you need, is what you love. It's a treat! 

The well known system of feeding the big chains, to force them to have black friday also here, in Europe, to start the sales before of Christmas so that you can buy more, and take care less about what to buy and to whom, just because "that's perfect for him/her" instead.

It's never enough. And Christmas is just a business.

But not in my family.

And, starting this year, it won't be on my blog either.

It's not even December and I have the feeling that YOU already talk too much about Christmas!

I'm passing through a strong refusal to facebook and all social media these days, can barely open the app, and as soon as one of those "incredibly inspirational" board come out on the screen my stomach twists into knots. Every year the same... same pictures already seen tones of times, jumping from a blog to another, same of everything... just because : that's Christmas and there is not much more but at the same time you cannot not digit those words on your template, because they make audience, and you know, people will be so happy to "like" all those amazing images of Christmas trees, table setting, gift wrapping... all over again on your facebook page... and so on and so forth... slaves of the blogging system... and I am bored! 

I will start making my decorations on the 8th of December, as we've always made in  my family. 

I am thinking to each present one by one and making "the perfect list" instead of running crazy around Oxford street screaming to the lady grabbing the best seller of the moment right a second before me. I love the shops during Christmas, don't get me wrong (I'm working to become a visual merchandiser, how could I?), what I mean is: walk by the windows and just take your time to enjoy those amazing displays, take the inspirations from that walk, let Christmas filling your body with lights and snow, instead of the pressure for all that is taking over the magic.

Life is all about time, time is all about taking the most of it and enjoying every single moment. 

Christmas is all about it: slow down, take a breath and follow the heart.

I'm flying back home this year... looking forward to it!

Here some Christmas windows for Harrods and Selfridges, simply because they're the best.

HARRODS : in collaboration with Burberry
MOOD: A very British Fairy Tale : the story of two children on an enchanting adventure through a snow-swept English country house.

I LIKE IT BECAUSE : It's interactive and brings back to the authentic Christmas vibe.

SELFRIDGES by Morag Hickmott
MOOD: Santa's Alpine adventures

I LIKE IT BECAUSE : It's fun and out of control ||| stars covered mannequins heads are stunning

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