27 November 2016

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I've always struggled with describing myself so, I've 
asked people I could definetly describe, to do it for me.

I asked Nicky: she jumps from an intership in a museum, to a gallery, back and forth like an olympic athlete, she learned photoshop to post on facebook stupid pictures of her friends

I asked Brodie: we met in Lisbon during a halloween party. He said he was from Australia. He is from Scotland and lives in London instead. The next days me, him and my brother we went for a road trip to South. Since then we did a lot and we are very committed to find the best pizza in London. 

B: She is an woman with a special look in her eyes that says 
"I want to do something amazing right now!" 
She works in retail and design, her spare time is never wasted 
and her head is overflowing with ideas. 
I'm very picky with friends but everything inside of me
 was like "YES!" when I met her. I
 love spontaneity and that is Tessy!

T: oooooooohhhh *_*
but this is too sweet brodie

B: but I'm a sweet guy

T: btw everything inside of you said "surf and tuby tuby" when we met 

B: ahaha
but tht was drunk brodie

L'ho chiesto a Margherita: lei parla cinese, inglese, spagnolo, francese e un po' di tedesco, ma è italiana, veste nei modi più stravaganti con la disinvoltura di Audrey Hepburn in un tubino nero. 
M: Eeeehmmm riferito a chi?
      Oppure in generale?
      Ah riferito a te?
      Intraprendenza :)

T: 3 domande 3 risposte
    e cmq anche sta volta sei come mia madre, anche lei non sta capendo
    vi dovete conoscere

M: Ahahahahahah ha assolutamente 😁😁😁

      3) intraprendente
  2) Wissendurst (sete di conoscenza)
1) "Do you know where you're going, Isabel Archer?" 
 "Just now I'm going to bed," said Isabel with persistent frivolity.
 "Do you know where you're drifting?" Henrietta pursued, holding out her bonnet delicately. 
"No, I haven't the least idea, and I find it very pleasant not to know. 
A swift carriage, of a dark night, 
rattling with four horses over roads that one can't see 
— that's my idea of happiness."

I asked Estelle: she is my french London friend, we love dancing 50s music and walk in the parks with bare feet

E: Estelle - about to take a shower - pretty good

T: ehhh????

E: Ahhhhh for you?

T: yes

E: Ahahah ok let me think 

Tessychou - random creative things - my lovely italian friend

T: merçi

I asked Marco: he brought me straight to London just because "It's the only option", he knows what I want much earlier than I do, he gives me the right reasons to follow my stupid ideas and we have tickets for the Chemical Brothers gig in London 11.12.16
 1) good-crazy girl
2) follows dreams, often catching them 
3) determined (and stylish)! sbaaaam


I asked Leon: he is a musician, he plays drums in the Sparkling. It's him, his brother and a friend looking like the third bro. We met in London but now is back to German. I believe his band will become famous soon, I love his music but mostly I adore his soul and smile.

Living a wonderful life in London
Warmhearted and full of energie
Ho chiesto a Umberto: è mio fratello, è andato a Lisbona per una doppia laurea in Ingegnerìa aerospaziale, le uniche foto che posta sono di surf in Caparica, ma prende sempre il massimo dei voti

U: Chi é?
T: no domande, solo risposte      
U: Torre di pisa
T: ora in portoghese       
U: Bonita mas precária
T: in english?

       U: Get da fuck outta here
T: Cosa fai domani?
U: Laurea 
T: Pronto?
U: Bomba

  Thank you ! 

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