16 August 2017


The top instagram galleries ever! 

[ in boards of course ]

HELGA DE WALL , international blogger designer and photographer
interior and green living
from The Netherlands



14 August 2017

Amate Gio Ponti. Architecture is a blue diamond.

Gio Ponti is a Maestro, my bachelor thesis was based on his philosophy and his process in the understanding of colours and shapes with an instinctive approach, based on human expressivity.

He wrote "Amate L'architettura, L'architettura รจ un cristallo"

[Love architecture, Architecture is a diamond]

The book is made like a diary, looks more like a notebook, with chapters in different colour pages.
I have had this book for years and never managed to finish, and never managed to start too!
It's so inviting to flick through and follow instinct and random thoughts that I will never end enjoying its pages.

11 August 2017

Blogging is a no-stop learning

and sometimes is the blog giving the lessons

Update from the digital nomads farm - Barcelos, Portugal DAY8
 [ and the 3 pictures a day challenge ] 

Things to learn in life :

Learn from the nature .

My lesson from the nature :

"Better cutting the dead flowers to make an healthy plant grow stronger."

09 August 2017

The perfect cards game for the summer nights is now SET !


Update from the digital nomads farm - Barcelos, Portugal DAY7

[ and the 3 pictures a day challenge ]  

We are 5 digital nomads sharing the days living in a farm in the middle of nowhere in the nord of Portugal, the closest town is Barcelos, the first city is Braga.

Today was windy and super sunny and my tan is really greateful.

The guys are back from their short trip to Guimaraes and the team is back to full strenght.

08 August 2017

Take a bunch of digital nomads and put them into a farm

Update from the digital nomads farm - Barcelos, Portugal DAY6

 [ and the 3 pictures per day challenge ] 

Life at the Nomad Farm is an ealthy routine, we wake up about 8, sometimes early when the cock starts singing, some yoga in the field to activate body and mind [I promised myself not to touch the phone before of the end of it but so far I haven't been successful], a good breakfast and than at work!

Pau-Brasil, the place in Lisbon where you can find

the most authentic Brasilian design

Hey MOODers!

Today it's the day of the challenge :

Let me convince you in 10 pictures, not more not less, that 
Pau-Brasil is the place where you wish you were, right now !