06 May 2019

A journey within

a new start

2018 for Album di Famiglia
In the last weeks I’ve been trying a few times  to change the page name into Tessy Morelli but fb believes meet your MOOD is what represents me better ... so here I am trying to understand why ... taking a little journey into my past, present and beyond, it’s always a good excercise anyways!
One thing is pretty clear by now, everything was already defined almost 30 years ago ...
My interest for materials and compositions started in the earliest days, growing up in a family where colours, experimentation and nature have been the background of my childhood and create, out of the leftovers in the backyard of my mum's flowers and furniture atelier, my main activity.
Growing up and studying architecture moved me into a strong interest in photography, fashion and design as an expression of individuality. This personal research projected me into a run on an unconventional path made of temporary but deep experiences always on the edge between freelancing and the intimate need to belong to a team.

The fashion industry captured me since I moved to Milano for my University studies when supporting the Windows design team on the night shift was a dream coming true. During my years at University, following my interest for vintage and old furniture and fashion pieces, I also launched an independent project called 'use it MORE’ , with the aim to transform, re-adapt and reassemble objects to give them a new usage, with colour as the main element to create cohesion between the parts.

After my graduation, I kept working in the fashion and design industry, always with a special eye on sustainable, eco and independent, covering a melting pot of different roles: from creative direction and brand designer for a concept store in Genova to visual merchander, display designer, photographer and visual communication in London.
Alongside my former profession, I've been running since 2012 until 2018 the design blog 'meet your MOOD' supposedly the place where to show my first works in interior architecture and related... it quickly became a recognised blog and brought me around Europe and to take part of many interesting events, getting to know closer amazing people and projects, but the whole blogger thing wasn’t exactly for me ...

Since I moved to Lisbon I've been freelancing as stylist and photographer and briefly covering the role of Art Director for a “sustainable” local lifestyle brand, building a new visual strategy through photography, styling and design, supporting the Creative Director to communicate correctly her visual identity, also leading the set design of the last two editions of Maison et Objet and Portugal Fashion, but one thing is also clear to me now, if values don’t match, better to go on separate directions, and 8 months later I quit.
It was December 2018 and what happened to be the best idea was to leave on a month walk from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela. Me, my camera, my struggles, nothing else. I came back at the beginning of March with the energy to start again from nothing, with the curiosity to meet people and local projects, with the optimism to show my work openly and wait for people to judge me and decide to work with me, eventually.
Starting is never easy, no matter how many times you’ve been passing through that phase, it requires passion, strength and a good dose of friends and wine. It’s now the beginning of may and more than ever I feel I’m doing the right thing: focused on my goals, trying to reach them the only way I believe things can be done, honestly with a true smile and a clear vision. And my daily reward is that every person I’ve met in the last months wants to be part of this journey, believes in me and is an amazing source of motivation.
It’s thanks to all the last second coffees and random beers that only a few weeks ago I finally decided to re-launch the Sustainable Stylist. Because I believe in something very strongly, social media are a great source of information but only when we are face to face and we share something of each other we can really make the difference, for ourselves and for the world.
That’s what I’m realizing now while writing, all my projects have always been about real people and real objects. I’m not a marketing person, I’m not good at following strict rules, but I do care and believe in people, in good ideas, in trying hard to transform a dream into reality, I’m certainly better at improvising and create new stories.
This and much more will happen into these pages, not easy to follow, I give you that, but hey, it’s a work in progress!

21 June 2018

7 shirts // Lindberg inspired

The MOOD board for a capsule collection of 7 white shirts,

for a brand that

"we never do black & 

Peter Lindbergh inspired !


14 December 2017


good things come in tiny and colourful packages !

>> scroll down for the eng version
Olà MOODers!!

Sono in Italia!!

Arrivata da quattro giorni e mi sembra sia già Natale. Insieme a me è arrivato il gelo, due giorni spettacolari, tutto bloccato e il ghiaccio ovunque intorno alla casa dei miei genitori.

Immaginate che facile scattare i flatlay che PICCOLO mi aveva chiesto per questo articolo..
Regola numero 1 dei flatlay?


Ho allestito una "simpatica" struttura sul balcone Nord-Ovest della casa, con due scale da lavoro, uno dei supporti della pianola di quando ero piccola, e che no, non ho mai imparato a suonare, un po' di carta bollata e il gioco è fatto.

Il problema principale, il freddo!

Il secondo?

La mood board indicava un flatlay con elementi fotografici e tridimensionali, 3 colori:
foglie di palma, due piattini in ceramica, limoni, e un fiore giallo molto minimal di cui non conosco il nome.

Verde scuro || rosa pallido || giallo limone

La richiesta: combinare i colori dei packaging con elementi della casa o del giardino.

09 December 2017


connections actions and reactions 
This story starts from a spontaneous observation
Why, at some point, a significant number of architects approach jewellery design? 
What architecture and jewellery do have in common? 
Along this photographic journey, we'll be exploring cities and architectures
through the scale of the design of the little weareable objects.

WHAT's the link? Let's find out!

Palácio Sotto Mayor

Built by Cândido Sotto Mayor (1852-1935), a Portuguese industrialist, 
founder of Banco Sotto Mayor and the richest man in Portugal at the time, 
to serve as his residence in the new avenues being built in late 19th century Lisbon. 
In 1900, this palace would be demolished and the present palace would start construction in 1902.

⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯

Name: Artur Dabrowski

⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯

05 December 2017

GRENADINE is the perfect colour for December,

for the parties coming and the happiness of being
with friends and family again


17-1558 TPX  ||  RGB 218 65 61 ||  HEX/HTML 5C2C35


It's December again and I am so happy.

In two days I will be back home!
A month at my mums place, surrounded by old friends and so much to catch up. 2 new kids in my life, the whole Christmas preparation, decorations and so on...

30 November 2017

HENRI Cartier-Bresson.

The photographer of geometry, that means a structure.

Photo top left by Rui Palha

In one of the last MOOD boards, the one about the importance of drawing here, I choose a quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson, French humanist photographer considered a master of candid photography, pioneer of the genre of street photography, and viewed photography as capturing a decisive moment.

[An instagrammer!?]

28 November 2017

KIRSTIE MACLAREN jewellery meets Fundação Champalimaud

by Charles Correa

connections actions and reactions  

This story starts from a spontaneous observation 
Why, at some point, a significant number of architects approach jewellery design? 

What architecture and jewellery do have in common?   

Along this photographic journey, we'll be exploring cities and architectures
through the scale of the design of the little weareable objects.

WHAT's the link? Let's find out! 

Fundação Champalimaud 
Belem, Lisbon