19 October 2017

Remind me a second,

why everyone wants to be a digital nomad?


location independent
[or whatever that's called]

But first, how come that I am 31 and I am still randomly floating around?

⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯

NO house
NO bf
NO a successfull carrier in Architecture 

⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯      ⎯

The 20 years old me would have been quite disapponted!


17 October 2017

#5 BESTGRAM with Hot Dudes Reading

The top instagram galleries ever!

[ in boards of course ] 

This month it's not about design, art or graphic skills, but it's definetly about beauty and the esthetical value of a detail [the book].

An idea, some shots and hilarious captions make the magic happens.

12 October 2017

Never-ending spring is a MOOD,

minimal and bright

Never cut a tree down in the winter time.
Never make a negative decision in the low time.
Never make your most important decisions 
when you are in your worst moods.



The storm will pass.
The spring will come.

Robert H. Schuller

11 October 2017

24bottles è sempre con me,

nel mio ufficio all'aperto in centro Lisbona

 L'altro giorno, qui, mi sono persa a raccontare di questi giorni d'inizio estate [sorry, autunno! O #HOTUMN, come è stato coniato qualche giorno fa...] a Lisbona, il mio primo autunno in Portogallo. La splendida sorpresa è che oggi, 11 Ottobre, ci sono 34 gradi ed è davvero impossibile credere al calendario.

Come raccontavo, da quando sono tornata a Lisbona dopo il mio Agosto al Nord alla digital nomad farm, vivo in Saldanha. E' una zona residenziale, vicino al polo universitario, super comoda ai mezzi pubblici e a solo mezzora di camminata dal centro. Devo dire che sono stata davvero fortunata!

06 October 2017

Janes is the concept store in Braga

that gives you the sense of a travel to different dimensions

C I A O 

M O O D e r s ! !

[ the challenge, one of those.. ]
Not more, not less, than ten pictures to convince you that
Janes is the place where you wish you were
right now !

In Braga, there is a store which is a full experience, you walk in and you get lost in a different dimension. The further you walk, the most the place become unexpected, with changes of colours and atmospheres room after room. It capturates you in the multiple levels, surprising and rich of colours and natural lighting.

The interior design MOOD is suspended in between the Portuguese tradition and a polished French magazine.

04 October 2017

GOLDEN LIME is the perfect colour for October

welcome Autumn !

> all pictures here

This month I still have the eyes full of the colours of Scotland...

The Uk countryside during or roatrip London to Glasgow was already an explosion of autumn colours: from the brightest yellow to the darkest brown, passing through the whole spectrum of greens and reds. 

02 October 2017

My first UK road trip from London to Glasgow

Part 2 Worchester > Glasgow

London to Glasgow by car is quite a long trip, but if you take it as a journey can easily turn is a very good adventure!

Umberto, my brother, had to move to Glasgow.

A few years ago, when he was about moving to Lisbon for his Erasmus [which ended up being a 2 years and something abroad], he decided to take is bike, his best friend and start his adventure from Cairo Montenotte, Italy, on the two wheels towards the new destination.

So, obviously, he didn't have any intention to take a flight to move to Glasgow, he wanted a trip to remember instead. He wanted to take the time to slowly project his mind into the new conditions, and this time decided to involve us: Enrica, Enrico and me, the family.

The initial plan was : take a car in Cairo Montenotte and drive all the way up.

I would have left the Digital Nomad Farm the 1st of September to join them in Nantes.

The final plan : fly to London and rent a car there.

A random roadtrip [here], with fights booked a few days before, that turned out being more random than expected.
The first part of the journey, London to Worchester,  was quite confusing, we were in the car for 3 days at that point and Glasgow looked still very far away up north...

DAY 4 : Sunday 24th

29 September 2017

My first UK road trip from London to Glasgow

Part 1 London > Worchester

 Our random roadtrip [here] turned out being more random than expected.

T H E  T E A M

Enrica > mother of the Morelli's
Enrico > the father

Umberto > brother moving to Glasgow
Me > "the backpack"

The initial plan : renting a van and drive free around the Country

The final plan : rent a car and book some spots on

>  Enrica was the one in charge of booking the Bed and Breakfast along the journey.

Let's start with some useful information:

Who is Enrica? She lives her life like the characters of the books she devours since she was 5, she jumps around with the energy and enthusiasm of a kid, with her long blond braids like an indian squaw. She loves horses and flowers and just let her walking for kilometers in the woods to make her happy.

Little side effect of her nature > She is the most unpracticle human being you can imagine !

Not too surprising, our trip, based on her last minute bookings, has been a back and forth between beautiful cottages, in the most remote villages and farms, far from each one of the cities I so wanted to visit and dramatically unfollowing a rasonate route.

Thank you Enry, I had the trip 
I would have never been able to plan myself!

So, forget about big cities, museums and cultural attractions, my road trip around Uk has been very much about unforgettable landscapes, little villages and foggy countryside.

18 September 2017

ROAD TRIP London to Glasgow

"Bellissima e carissima Tess. 

Come mi divertirei ad avere trentun anni, 
me li berrei come un buon vino . 
Sono stupendi i i trentuno, i trentadue, i trentatré, 
i trentaquattro, i trentacinque! 
Sono stupendi perché sono liberi, ribelli, 
perchè è finita l’angoscia dell’attesa, 
non è incominciata la malinconia del declino, 
perché siamo lucidi, finalmente, a trent’anni! 
Se siamo dubbiosi, siamo dubbiosi senza vergogna. 
E non temiamo le beffe dei ragazzi 
perché anche noi siamo giovani, 
non temiamo i rimproveri degli adulti 
perchè anche noi siamo adulti. 

Non temiamo il peccato perché abbiamo capito 
che il peccato è un punto di vista, 
non temiamo la disubbidienza 
perché abbiamo scoperto che la disubbidienza è nobile
 😊 Goditeli tutti questi anni preziosi."

18 Settembre 2017
Mia mamma

Today, it's my birthday : I'm 31
5 months ago I received my last paycheck and I am now living with my savings, it's scary sometimes but exciting at the same time! [here]
In June I moved to Lisbon to dedicate my time to my new projects and join my brother [ yes, Umberto used to live here for the last 3 years, funny enough after one week I was here, he received an offer for a PhD in Glasgow ... and I decided to stay! ].

So, tomorrow I'm going back to London, 3 days in town to arrange the deliveries of all I left to some friends when I was still thinking "yes, of course, I'll be back after summer".

The 21st my brother will join me there, we rent a car and leave for a road trip up to Glasgow, his final destination and home for the next 3 years.

We haven't planned the stops in details and we rather improvise, all we know up to now is that we have a car rented for the 21st in London Stanstead and the same day we are heading to a beautiful Bed&Breakfast in north London.

The journey is random and unplanned: I want to see the best towns and villages, even the remote once, eat in the most typical restaurants, stay in the local bed and breakfast and guest houses, meet with local artisans and makers... any suggestions please get in touch!

I have my flight back from Glasgow on the 28th of September and I will keep you updated via instagram and fb as always, plus some article in case of something amazing to show. I've also created a Facebook event so that is easier to get in touch maybe! ^_^

Let's meet for a coffee along the way?

16 September 2017

Confessions of a dreamer

in the process to become location independent

 C I A O MOODers !!!

Chiedo scusa in anticipo [ e ringrazio ] a chi ha seguito queste pagine sin dall'inizio e da un po' di tempo, spesso, si trova davanti a lunghi racconti unicamente in inglese. 
La verità, è che la mia vita ultimamente è vissuta in inglese e ho difficoltà ad esprimere pensieri e ragionamenti, o raccontare esperienze in una lingua diversa da quella in cui li sto vivendo. Non voglio perdervi, prometto che alcuni prossimi contenuti saranno in italiano. 
Il fatto è che voglio anche che questo spazio di web sia autentico e onesto, e i contenuti in italiano vissuti in italiano. So che magari non ha senso quello che dico, ma è essatamente ciò che sento.

I have to say that, in fact, I am already location independent, and this is actually the only fixed point in my life right now!

This started 5 months ago, when I decided to leave my safe job in London, to move to Lisbon and started to define the first steps of a new adventure, soon realising I probably took a very quick decision [that's so me :/ ] and had not much clue on what to do and how to start.